Conciliation | SAARC Conciliation Rules

For a conciliation proceeding, the parties must have an agreement by which they attempt to solve their dispute by means of conciliation. Such an agreement can be decided upon before or after the dispute has arisen.

SARCO offers a "model clauses", which assist the parties in drafting the conciliation agreement. Subsequently, either the parties choose their conciliator or they can nominate a person from the list of conciliators maintained by SARCO. The term "conciliator" is generally, not a legally protected term. Therefore, in principle, any person may act as a conciliator. Hence the task is to find a person who displays the qualities required to assist the parties in solving their individual dispute.

SARCO maintains a list of conciliators from each country in the South Asia Region as well as a set of conciliation rules to assist the parties in resolving their business related disputes.

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