Arbitration | Arbitration Procedure

This is how arbitration under the SARCO arbitration Rules is commenced.

Arbitration is commenced when the claimant files a request for arbitration with the SARCO. At the same time as the request is filed, the claimant shall pay a registration fee.

The request for arbitration shall include:

1.  a statement of the names, addresses, telephone and facsimile numbers and e-mail addresses of the parties and their counselor other representatives;
2.  a summary of the dispute;
3.  a preliminary statement of the relief sought by the claimant;
4.  a copy or description of the arbitration agreement or clause under which the dispute is to be settled;
5.  any comments on the number of arbitrators and the seat of arbitration; and
6.  if applicable, the name, address, telephone number, facsimile number and e-mail address of the arbitrator appointed by the claimant;
7.  proof of payment of the Registration Fee.

Registration Fee
Upon filing the Request for Arbitration, the claimant shall pay the registration Fee prescribed in the SARCO Fee Schedule.

Electronic case management - submission of the request for arbitration

The request for arbitration and annexes should, to the extent possible, be sent to:

*When the Request for Arbitration is sent by e-mail, the claimant is required to submit sufficient number of hard copies of the Request for Arbitration with enclosures within 7 days of the e-mail.

Hard copies should be sent to:

SAARC Arbitration Council
169 (Green Villa),
St # 36, sector f-10/1

*Please note that in case of paper submission, the documentation should be provided to SARCO in as many copies as necessary to make it possible to send a copy each to the respondent(s), the SARCO and the arbitrator(s).

Arbitration Procedure