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SAARC Arbitration Council, Islamabad (SARCO) is one of the Specialized Bodies of South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC), comprising the Member States, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, People's Republic of Bangladesh, The Kingdom of Bhutan, Republic of India, Republic of Maldives, Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

It is an inter-governmental body mandated to provide a legal framework/forum within the region for fair and efficient settlement of commercial, industrial, trade, banking, investment and such other disputes, as may be referred to it by the member states and their people.

With these objectives in mind, SARCO aims to establish a quality alternative dispute resolution forum, that would act on behalf of governments and the people of SAARC Member States, having professionals, retired judges and eminent lawyers from Member States on its Panel of Arbitrators and conciliators for the out-of court resolution of disputes, arising from commercial agreements, usually by including SARCO model clause for the arbitration of future disputes in their contracts in domestic and international commercial trade, investment, transactions and in similar other international relationships.

SARCO enables the parties to a dispute from different legal and cultural backgrounds to resolve their disputes, without the formalities of going through a judicial process.

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